Sunday, January 4, 2009


Ok so when your little your bound to get into mischief right? or is it the sole responsibility of the mother to keep you out of mischief? Well I don't think mother could and should be everywhere at once. Some lessons you have to learn on your own!
The other day I decided that Gracelyns room needed to be rearranged. So up the stairs I went and started moving this and that, with my shadow never to far behind me. When I came across the dresser, and yes it was a little heavy for me to move so I unloaded the bottom shelves so that I could walk it to were it's new home would be.
As I was moving it I noticed that the spot it was heading for was in need of vacuuming so I turned my back to grab the vacuum and that's when it happened Gracie pulled the dresser down on top of her! So with a big scream from me and her I pulled the Dresser off of her and began to examine her body for any real trauma. None found and the crying slowing and her telling the dresser NO NO and pointing her finger at it, I thought all was well. It wasn't until the next day that I found out what had really happened to my baby girl. Yup she chipped her front tooth! I was so sad now her beautiful smile has a flaw. I know that at least it was only her baby tooth that received the damage and it will be replaced by a new tooth later in life but until then she will have to have the broken one in all her pictures. Her dad says she looks like a hill billy, but at least she is a cute hill billy!