Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tree trimmings

Well I love to decorate for Christmas, and I used to spend a long time making everything perfect. Kids have a way of changing that, I no longer put the things that are special to me where little hand can reach. This year with all the stress and family stuff I only put up half of my crap.

When Brian and I where first married we would always buy a real tree, I loved doing this because growing up we never did real trees for Christmas. But then Brian didn't enjoy going from tree lot to tree lot to get just the right one like I did. So now we do the fake thing, I love it. I miss the smell of the real tree but not the hasel.
Brian's involvement over the years is down only to bringing the beast up from storage and getting the tree stand sturdy. That's it and that's all he likes to do or will do, then he politely excuses himself.

This year I had my mom here and I put her to work and I have to say that when you have help it goes so fast. I will usually put the tree together while the girls sleep and then let them help decorate, but this year they wanted to help. It turned out pretty good, the girls had a good time.

Evey year I get the girls a new Christmas ornament. We like to go to a store called the Christmas village at Gardner Village. I want to make this a tradition, the village has about sixty elves statues all around the shops. When the girls get older I thought it would be fun to do lunch and then walk the shops. but for now we go in and go. Olivia had a really hard time picking the ornament that was just right for her, Gracelyn on the other hand was done in minutes and both ornament fit the girls perfect. When they get married I will box up their special ornaments so they can put them on their own trees, just like my mom did for me. It is one of the special gifts that my mom gave me. Every year when I get them out the memories come flooding back and I love it

I hope you all have a fun holiday trimming your tree.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well for so many of you lady's who read my blog are all great friends of my Mother, No botox Allowed. So this will come as no surprise that my older brother Matt passed away, life has definitely been a world wind of emotions and we are all not sure what to do with ourselves.

My house is in the middle of Utah and close to where I was raised, so Brian and I opened our home to all and everyone that wanted to come and show their love and support for my family and Matt.
My mom was already planning on staying for a long visit for the Thanksgiving Holiday, While she is in town she likes to stay with me, and that's just how I like it.
So because of Matt passing away her and Berry got in the car and got their Canadian booties down here. So her trip became a long one for her, I don't think she minded, but I know Berry missed her very much.
There is so much to learn when someone passes away, about life, your feelings and how will you and your family recover. I am so glad that almost all of this discovery was I feel done as a family and in my home. I will treasure always the family and friends that stopped by and called to show their love. Thank you to all of you.

I am so glad to know that's family's are forever. I read this poem at the funeral and I think it fits so well.

Family Ties
Family Ties are precious things
woven through the years
of laughter, love and tears.

Family ties are cherished things
forged in childhood days
by love of parents deep and true
by traditions, by family ways.

Family ties are treasured things
and far though we my roam.
the tender bonds with those we love
still pull our hearts towards home.

I hope you all take the extra time this holiday season to remember the family members that maybe you hadn't talked to in awhile and let them know what they mean to you.