Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This is the story of the pimple. Some get them alot and some get them a little. My 5 year old gets them a little, I don't know why. Does this mean she will be more likely to get them when she is older???? I hope not.

Olivia is so funny, every time she gets a little pimple she call's them her best friend and I am not aloud to touch. Best friend has my child lost her mind? I have herd them called lots of things, but best friends is not on of the terms I have ever used or one I have herd other people use!
This last week she had on on her for head. It was a pretty good size. She would not let me touch it. She kept telling me to leave her best friend alone!!! ugh it's hard to leave them alone, when it has a great big white head on it!!! I would try and get tricky at bath time and scrub really hard with the wash cloth, trying to get rid of her best friend. She was to smart and would pull away so the pimple would stay. I guess I shouldn't bother, but it drives me crazy.

I wonder if she will still call them her best friends once she gets in High school???????

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hogle Zoo

I love the zoo, maybe I love it as much as my kids do? We wen last week to the zoo because they have three new baby's there and I wanted my girls to see them, and it was a great day to go.

I decided to go just by ourselves, no friends. My husband asked me why. I said I want to just do what we want when we want and not have to worry about someone Else's schedule. I'm sorry if that sounds rude, but it was great we took our time and Olivia was basically the tour guide for the day, she even held the map to show me where she wanted to go next!!! I am glad that I got them all to myself and I think I will do this more often.

Don't you think that sometimes when you have friends that you miss the quality time with your own children?



Ok so I forgot to put my youngest child in the last post. she was the little devil!!! It was a perfect costume for her.

Monday, November 9, 2009


So the Halloween holiday was a hit at our house, we had so much fun. The festivities started on Thursday night with some sugar cookies, yummy. Olivia is a very good helper Garacelyn probably would be to but we like to do things when she's asleep. Don't judge she's a hand full!

Then Friday was the parade at Olivia's school so much fun, she didn't want to wear her wig because a girl who was Ariel last year didn't wear a wig and she didn't want anyone to laugh. I told her that maybe that little girls mom wasn't cool enough to buy her a wig and how lucky are you that your mommy is, COOL!!!! She still said no, bummer but she still looked cute. Sad that she is already worried about what people think!

After school it was off to the house for some fun movie watching with dad. Saturday morning came very early for Miss Olivia 6:00 which is very early for her, she usually gets up at 8:00sh. I begged her to go back to sleep and snuggle with her dad, but no she was up and wanted her makeup on for the day. I said no way you have to wait for tonight sis ta!!!! So only about every hour I got asked if it was time for her cousins to come over and start trick o treating, NO OLIVIA IT IS NOT TIME!!!!!

Finally the time had arrived and her cousin have come and the costumes where put on, oh the girls looked so dang cute, They loved every minute of the night and so did their mom.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Warm and fuzzy's or fuzzies???

Well as I was looking along other blogs they were taking about the warm and fuzzy jar! So I decided to give it a try.

Basically you start with a jar and some little fuzzy's, the rule is or the idea is in order to get a fuzzy in the jar you have to do or say something nice helpful or Good!!! This challenge was for Olivia my 5 year old, she has gotten a little big for her bricthes, and it has nothing to do with her mother so don't even say it!! It is all her Dad's fault!!!

So I got the stuff and she got to decorate her jar, which she loved doing, and walla the plan has begone. I have to say it is working magic around this house. She even started making her bed all by herself, I love it.

So when the jar is full off to toy' s r us and she can pick a toy!!!

Good job Miss Olivia!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I love fall. So much to do the weather is great, no need for 10-20minutes of sunscreen application. Just pick up your jacket and head out the door. So it was time to visit Shmidt's farm to pick out the perfect pumpkins, or as Olivia started to call them her baby's. It was a great afternoon the weather beautiful no wind!!! Dad had fun putting the girls it the wagon.( I was scared of this because last year I saw a Dad tip his little girl out of the wagon) But he and the girls had fun with it!!
So home with our pumpkin's to give them names and the perfect resting spot!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So having two little girls around the house can often be very interesting, Olivia had a birthday not to long ago and she got some play makeup. Well I don't just let my girls put makeup on all the time, but this was a birthday present after all so what could be the harm????

Maybe to much makeup in the eye and who knows how much was ingested. So I'm sorry to say or I'm happy to say the makeup went bye bye. Gracelyn asks every day for pink makeup!!!

They have to wait for Halloween to wear the makeup, and that will be fun because mom will do the art work..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I started to read a book that my mother-in-law told me to read. I love to read when I have the time, but I love to read easy non thought provoking books, you know the bodice rippers!!!!!

The book she told me to read was the "The Shack" It started so strong, and I thought I was in for a great read. The nights went bye with me only falling asleep every time I tried to read the book, or would start to skim through to get to something more interesting.

Alas I could not finish the book, and have now decided to move on to something more my speed.

So the question is do you put down a book you don't like or do you keep reading until it's over to find out how it ends??????

Friday, September 25, 2009

last days.

Summer oh how I love summer. I know it's over but I am so lucky with my in-laws because they have a pool.

Me and the girls spent the day at the pool swimming and enjoying the warm weather because it can't last much longer. I put all other duty's on hold for the day and I'm so happy that I did.

Olivia and Grace are so much fun in the water, they play so well together, I can only wonder how long that will last? but for now I'll take it!!!!!!!

What kind of thing are you trying to do before it gets cold?

Friday, September 18, 2009


Thongs, so wear or not to wear that is the question?

OK so I don't like to wear them, not cozy!!!!!! But sometimes no other undies will do.

So my big problem is the GYM, I hate it when you can see underwear, but I really hate it when I wear a thong, not cozy, so what to do??????

Also hate it when I see the underwear of the most popular church in Utah. My cousin always says when hers shows , sorry I'm just bearing my testimony. Funny but still not cute, lets keep our underwear under our cloths!!!

So what so you think?????????

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lets try again!!!

Ok this is Miss Olivia helping me make her cupcakes for her party!! and Gracelyn to. As any mother knows when we have little helpers every thing goes great, and no spills!!!!(ya right).
Well that is going to have to do for the pictures, yes I know I need help. My brother who usually helps me just started his masters program so he is a little busy for me and my bloggy troubles!!!
WE had Olivia's birthday praty early this year because she wanted a swim party, and we didn''t want to wait until sept. 11th because who knows about the weather that time of years.
So the party was on Aug 29th. We had great weather and the birthday girl had a great time.
I can't believe that my first born is turning 5!!!! little Miss Olivia is so big!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I DID WHAT??????

Well I need to start with I love being a mom, I love staying home, but I needed an out I needed more adult conversation. So I went back to work very part time. I am at Gardner village working in a brand new store called Wild about the west. Western isn't really my thing but I needed to start somewhere and when they have an opening in any other store that is more my style then I am already in.
Some of you might say, why not go back to doing hair? Well I don't want to have to start all over again building my book it takes a long time. I also wanted to explore my other passion for interior design, so that's why no hair!!!!
I started my first day of real outside the home work on Friday and Saturday, I love it and the girls are loving the one on one time with their dad, so all in all things look like they will work out great!

Monday, August 31, 2009


We put up Gracie's bed and I have to say I think it looks cute.
I do need to give a shout out to my-in-laws for helping, thanks guys!!!

The bed was a garage sale find, a darn good one I might add. Pam(aka mother in-law) called me one morning and said does Gracelyn need a bed? I said well some day but right now she is still in her crib and that's right where I would like to keep her. ( we all know that didn't last as long as I would have liked). So Pam got the bed for me anyways saying it was so cute and she would store it for me until we needed it. Well who would say no to that?

One month later it's time for the bed and I am so glad that we had one ready to go! so here are some pictures of the room and bed.. Saving my money and trying to decide on colors for bedding.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Friday night

We had a great friday night. We went to my in-laws to swim and have a BBQ. Olivia swims like a fish and is all over the pool, Grace is very happy in her floaty following Olivia were every she goes.
So we got to sit and watch the girls play, we didn't even get in and swim the girls just played and played! I love to watch them play and have fun. After we ate dinner we thought we would start a fire in the little fire pot my in-laws have in the back yard, my mother-in law has been wanting to use it for a long time and we never seem to get around to it, but tonight was the night. The weather was so nice, no wind and not to hot. We got the fire going and started to roast marsh mellows, and we all ate more then we should, but it was a great time. Olivia has decided that she likes her mellows brown not black...
Nothing like a great night with my family!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

escape artist.

I have to start with my baby is no longer a baby, she is now 2. She is a very strong willed, and has decided that the crib life is no life for her!!
It all started 3 days ago at around 2:30 am when I herd a thump and then pitter patter and I knew that one of my fears has just happened, she has climbed out of the crib and is on the loose! So I wiped the fog from my eyes and stepped into action. Gracelyn we don't get out of our bed it is still night time, "ok mommy" with a great big smile! I was lucky that night a song and of to bed she went.
Night 2 no problems, so I thought to my self that maybe it was a flook and she was done with that nonsense. I was so wrong night 3 not so good 5:00am it began and I could never get her to stay in bed, yuck!! Tired mommy and tired baby don't make for a good day.
Night 4 began as any night brush teeth and 1 story and song and in the crib you go. Only 2 minutes later she appears, and so it begins and ends with me sittin in her room on the rocking chair so when she trys to get out I am there to stop her, ( of coursre she did'nt like that at all)
I have to say I tried this with Olivia and it took me hour and a half, but Gracelyn was done in only a half hour!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya.
I wasn't sur what the night had in store for me, so I gave my husband a kiss and headed of for bed so I was ready to step into action if need be. My dutys as mother and leader of the house was called into action at 1:30 and I was ready for the challenge, but I was lucky a song on of to bed she went! So I lay in bed just waiting for her to get out but not until 7:30 did I see my sweet 2 year old with a great big smile on her face.. Good morning to all hope you all slept well. Wish me luck for the nights ahead for I fear that the battle has not been wone!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Okay okay okay so one day I'll get the hang of this blogging world. Time goes to fast and I need to capture every moment so I will begin again!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Ok so when your little your bound to get into mischief right? or is it the sole responsibility of the mother to keep you out of mischief? Well I don't think mother could and should be everywhere at once. Some lessons you have to learn on your own!
The other day I decided that Gracelyns room needed to be rearranged. So up the stairs I went and started moving this and that, with my shadow never to far behind me. When I came across the dresser, and yes it was a little heavy for me to move so I unloaded the bottom shelves so that I could walk it to were it's new home would be.
As I was moving it I noticed that the spot it was heading for was in need of vacuuming so I turned my back to grab the vacuum and that's when it happened Gracie pulled the dresser down on top of her! So with a big scream from me and her I pulled the Dresser off of her and began to examine her body for any real trauma. None found and the crying slowing and her telling the dresser NO NO and pointing her finger at it, I thought all was well. It wasn't until the next day that I found out what had really happened to my baby girl. Yup she chipped her front tooth! I was so sad now her beautiful smile has a flaw. I know that at least it was only her baby tooth that received the damage and it will be replaced by a new tooth later in life but until then she will have to have the broken one in all her pictures. Her dad says she looks like a hill billy, but at least she is a cute hill billy!