Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tree trimmings

Well I love to decorate for Christmas, and I used to spend a long time making everything perfect. Kids have a way of changing that, I no longer put the things that are special to me where little hand can reach. This year with all the stress and family stuff I only put up half of my crap.

When Brian and I where first married we would always buy a real tree, I loved doing this because growing up we never did real trees for Christmas. But then Brian didn't enjoy going from tree lot to tree lot to get just the right one like I did. So now we do the fake thing, I love it. I miss the smell of the real tree but not the hasel.
Brian's involvement over the years is down only to bringing the beast up from storage and getting the tree stand sturdy. That's it and that's all he likes to do or will do, then he politely excuses himself.

This year I had my mom here and I put her to work and I have to say that when you have help it goes so fast. I will usually put the tree together while the girls sleep and then let them help decorate, but this year they wanted to help. It turned out pretty good, the girls had a good time.

Evey year I get the girls a new Christmas ornament. We like to go to a store called the Christmas village at Gardner Village. I want to make this a tradition, the village has about sixty elves statues all around the shops. When the girls get older I thought it would be fun to do lunch and then walk the shops. but for now we go in and go. Olivia had a really hard time picking the ornament that was just right for her, Gracelyn on the other hand was done in minutes and both ornament fit the girls perfect. When they get married I will box up their special ornaments so they can put them on their own trees, just like my mom did for me. It is one of the special gifts that my mom gave me. Every year when I get them out the memories come flooding back and I love it

I hope you all have a fun holiday trimming your tree.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well for so many of you lady's who read my blog are all great friends of my Mother, No botox Allowed. So this will come as no surprise that my older brother Matt passed away, life has definitely been a world wind of emotions and we are all not sure what to do with ourselves.

My house is in the middle of Utah and close to where I was raised, so Brian and I opened our home to all and everyone that wanted to come and show their love and support for my family and Matt.
My mom was already planning on staying for a long visit for the Thanksgiving Holiday, While she is in town she likes to stay with me, and that's just how I like it.
So because of Matt passing away her and Berry got in the car and got their Canadian booties down here. So her trip became a long one for her, I don't think she minded, but I know Berry missed her very much.
There is so much to learn when someone passes away, about life, your feelings and how will you and your family recover. I am so glad that almost all of this discovery was I feel done as a family and in my home. I will treasure always the family and friends that stopped by and called to show their love. Thank you to all of you.

I am so glad to know that's family's are forever. I read this poem at the funeral and I think it fits so well.

Family Ties
Family Ties are precious things
woven through the years
of laughter, love and tears.

Family ties are cherished things
forged in childhood days
by love of parents deep and true
by traditions, by family ways.

Family ties are treasured things
and far though we my roam.
the tender bonds with those we love
still pull our hearts towards home.

I hope you all take the extra time this holiday season to remember the family members that maybe you hadn't talked to in awhile and let them know what they mean to you.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy day

Well it is official, I have been married Ten years!!!!! I love my man, he asked me the other day if I knew how it would all go if I would do it again, I said YES!!! I knew when I meet Brian that I would marry him. So here are ten reasons why.

  1. caring
  2. sensitive
  3. smart
  4. sexy
  5. determined
  6. funny
  7. trustworthy
  8. A great Dad
  9. helpful
  10. Then man of my dreams!!!!
I know the next years of our lives will be great, I say bring it!!!


Sunday, September 26, 2010


Olivia is my oldest and she just turned 6!!! The time has gone so fast and I now wonder how I will feel when she is off to college??? I won't worry about that right now, I will just love on this sweet little girl who worries about how people feel around her, and she is always wanting to have a good time..... kind of like her dad!

We didn't have a big friend party this year, we just did a family bbq and went to the mall to get her ears pierced. Olivia has wanted to get her ears done for awhile now but we said she had to wait until she was 6.... So when we asked Olivia what she wanted for her day, she said her ears pierced please!!!

So on her big day we headed of to the mall to brand my daughter for ever, It was kind of sad that know she would be marked and not all perfect. But I got over it and her ears look so cute. It was a little dramatic, and there were tears shed but all and all she did great. We even stopped on our way out of the mall for a big ice cream cone, and all pain was forgotten!

Later that night we asked Olivia if she had a good birthday, and she said how could I not it was the most perfect day ever!!!! So I'll end at that.... if only every day could be the most perfect day ever????


Thursday, September 16, 2010

All grown up.

Well it's official I am the mom, I am the one in charge. I know I should know this already but it takes a while for it to sink in. I always think of my self as young and can come and go as I please, but now that I have a 6 yr old and a 3 yr old my life is no longer my own! Yup it just hit me... maybe somewhere in between driving my preschooler to school in the morning mon. wed. and fri only to come home for half an hour to turn around and drive kindergartner to school to come home and hurry and put the little one down for a nap just as soon as I do that it's back to school to get the oldest.... then home and 2 days a week dance class. I know I'm tired just typing it.

When Brian and I started to talk about having kids I remember my mother in law would say to me just be prepared to put your own life on a shelf because it will no longer be about you.... man was she right. I love my little family and I am happy I have a girl house, growing up with all brothers has some draw backs, I'm sure you can imagine! It's just lately I really feel like the mom! I have know idea how my own mom did five kids..... THANKS mom! It's all worth it right?

WELL till next time


Friday, June 4, 2010

Lost and found

Well life around here is getting easier since the lose of our little buddy, he was truly and amazing dog and will be missed for a long time. Question, why is it when you experience a lose the first thing people will say is you should get another dog????? I don't get it, For me their is no other dog Rambo was the man, I will have to wait until his charm is no longer in my head so that I won't compare him to a new dog, the girls haven't asked for a new dog. I think Olivia looks at it like a betrayal of Rambo if she got a dog. So for now we are a dog free house.

So how many of you mothers out there have lost you children, panic scramble only to have them back with big smiles on there faces and wonder what all the fuss is about???? Well yes it happened to me on Wed. Me and the family went to Sam's club to get some stuff, Dad came with. Dad always lets the girls run around and explore. I DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN ON MY WATCH!!!! but dad likes it. So the next thing I know is Gracelyn the 3 year old gone Brian and Olivia can't find her, Emma help!!!! OK OK OK ( I THINK I JUST TOLD HIM THIS WOULD HAPPEN) He and Olivia head to the back of the store calling GRACE GRACE, I went to the front because who knows maybe some weirdo decided my little sweetie would be fun to take home. Brain and Olivia came to the front and no Grace, so I grabbed Management and told them that we lost our 3 year old, he immediately got on his wokie talkie and says, Code Adam I repeat code Adam, Lock down the store I repeat we have a code Adam lock down the store!!!!! AHHHHHHHH
About 2 min later here comes Grace skipping up from the back of the store right to the place were her and Olivia were last playing. Thank goodness this worked out the way it should have and I think Dad learned his lesson too!!!! Thank you sam's club for the lock down to make sure my sweetie would stay safe!!!!!
Later when we came home and could giggle about what had just happened, and Gracelyn just gets done with one of her melt downs, we giggle and say if someone took her home they would give her back, as fast as they could!!!!!!

Happy weekend, I have couples league tonight if I can find a babysitter, wish me a low score and good weather!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good bye.

Wow life can be so hard and full of trials..... we have definitely been put through the ringer at the Lemke house. It started on Saturday with Brian going down stairs to the office to find that the carpet was soaking wet, then he looked in the window well that was half full of water!!!! Called the in laws who have a pump to get the water out and began the clean up, no fun!!! WE finally got that handled just for Brian to go down again yesterday to find it had happened again... EMMA call my dad we need the pump AGAIN, while Brian and his dad were getting the water out and me and Gracelyn were in the basement wiping up all the water, my father in-law yell Brian your dog was just hit by a car>>>>>> WE all ran, when Grace and I got up the stairs Brian and his dad were getting Rambo off the road and in the car to take him to get help.... Olivia was inside and didn't know what had just happened so I grabbed the phone and called my Mother-in-law because I wasn't sure what would happen. Brian and his dad came back about 5 min later.... Rambo didn't make it, he was already gone....NO NO NO so sad my poor girls why do they have to go through this and why do they have to loose their brother?????

So we brought him in and lay ed him on his blanket and loved on him and gave him lots of kisses and then we all said good bye to our little Buddie. We only had him for 2 years and he was such a joy to our family, kind and loved to cuddle. Gracelyn played with him every day, Olivia always called him her brother..

WE love you Rambo and hope you are happy in doggie heaven.

Friday, May 21, 2010


So a little while ago I went back to work very part time, you know so I could get out among the adult world and not talk about potty training issues!!!! I have to say that I loved it and was having a lot of fun......BUT as of Sat. I no longer have a job, I quit! I want to spend time with my girls and my honey so that we can play and swim and do what ever we want without mom having to go to work and miss out on the fun. Sounds good to me, I just hope that I don't miss my adult time.

Also today is the first day of the couples league at out local golf coarse and me and my man are going to play, I can't wait I love golf and hope to play more!! Just wondering if it matters that I haven't even swung a golf club yet this year????? Oh well I think it will be fun, I just hope the weather holds and the rain waits until Saturday to come, or just not to come at all, that would be fine with me!!!!

Saturday will be a busy day for me, Olivia has her dance pictures and that means for 3 hr of craziness. WE have 3 costumes 3 hair changes and about a billion girls all trying to get beautiful for the 2 min of smile and say cheese..... should be fun, Olivia loves her costumes and I hope that the day runs smoothly!!! after that it's of to work for my last shift!!! I think I will be tired after all that fun!

happy weekend to you all and talk to ya later!!!


Saturday, May 15, 2010


Sun sun glorious sun!!! Yup it's come to town and now all my free time will be spent outside in the yard pulling weed's, chasing the Dog and making sure the little one doesn't forget to look both way's before she crosses the street!!!

I love yard work, it is so fun to get everything looking nice so that when your done you can say, dang my yard looks good!!! I started the clean out from the winter yesterday and now I am ready to go to the garden store to get all my pretty flowers. I have to say that this is my favorite part of all, the design the color sceem and how it will balance in the yard and in my flower pot's. I will be trying some new things this year.... hope I like the change, if I get really motivated I'll post some pic's, but we all know that I tend to be a little lazy about this, so we will see!!!

Hope you all have the sun shining in your life and can get outside and get down and dirty!!!!


Friday, February 19, 2010


Yup it has been a ruff time at the Lemke house... First Gracelyn had a cold. Nothing very serious she didn't even have a fever, I just knew she didn't feel great.

Then I got the COLD yuck I felt like crap.... I felt so bad for Grace because I don't think I was nice enough, If she felt like me then she did great!!!! I hate to be sick, it is so hard to get all your mom stuff done when all you want to do is lay on the couch.

And now Olivia is very sick, she has a fever soar throat and looks like crap( well she is still my miss olivia so pretty but you can tell she is very sick) I took her to the doctor last night to make sure she didn't have strep. The doctor wasn't the one we usually see, but he was great!!!! HE walked in and asked Miss Olivia if she swallowed a horse.... NO SHE SAYS WITH A BIG GIGGLE!!!! No strep but he did give us an atibiotic for and ear infection, that we didn't know was the problem.... but thanks just the same!!!!

So now all we can do is wait to feel better, wait for the sun to shine, wait for our trip to AZ, wait for my mom to come, wait for me to loose the last 10 pounds that don't want to leave my bottom. WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! What else is a mom to do????

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Well nothing much has been happen en in the Lemke house, just a lot of cleaning up after kids and waiting for the weather to get warmer!!!! Please hurry and get warmer please ,please, please!!!!

Earlier this week we had a couple of warmish day's. I was so ready to get out of the house. I bundled the girls in winter coats and headed to the park. Our neighbor hood has community walkways and parks, so we didn't have to go far for a little fun! Wow it was so nice to go to the park. The girls were all giggles and they loved every minute. They swung on the swings and laughed and laughed, so did I. It made my heart happy that they were happy. I am glad that when you let the little things in how much they can mean in your life!!!

The warmish weather gave me about 40 min. of free time today. Grace was the first one out side. She went out with the dog with no shoes or a coat. I got her back in the house and putt the proper things on her and sent her back out, ahhhhhh she played and played. I was so happy, I picked up the phone to call my mom and we talked the whole time no interruption's. Wow it was nice to talk to my mom, I love her and miss her so much!!! So while I'm visiting with my mom and telling her how cute Gracelyn is, I look out and I see her drinking a juice box while she is sitting in her little play house. The only problem is, I didn't give her a juice box!!!! She must have found one left over from wow who only knows how long ago!!!!! YUCK YUCK but all is well!!

So here is to stuff that makes the day's go bye and to warmer day's to come.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How young is to young????

olivia is my oldest she is a whooping 5 years old and let me tell you I am in big trouble when we enter the teen years!!!!! She has been in love with a boy she had in her preschool class last year. They are not in the same class this year but me and Little G's mom have been able to get the too together for a few play dates!!!! Lemmer(aka Brian my husband you know the one I shacked up with) we really like this boy. Little G is fun to be around and has manners and best of all he has a little brother Gracies age so she doesn't drive him insane!!!!

So the other night G's mom calls me and asks if Olivia would like to go to a movie with her and G??? Olivia's response was I would be honored to. She is such a polite little girl. I told the mom to bring G's brother over and let him play with Grace then every one would have a good time.

The morning of the movie came and Olivia was so excited that she could hardly stand herself. Her dad gave her some money for lunch and the movie and she told Lemmer that she had her own money in her piggy bank and that she would just use that.. so cute dad said you save your money and take mine!!! I wonder how many year's until he says to her.. get your own money honey!!!!????? She had herself a little purse to put her money in and asked me if she could please put on so lip gloss? I said heck ya darlin a girls got to look her best!!! Olivia says she is going to marry this boy because he has blonde hair and blue eye's just like her! What else could a girl ask for?

Gage came and got Olivia and they were so nerves all giggles and so dang cute. I made them pose for pictures, because I knew this was a blogging moment!!!!
So they were off for a good time and I was left with the two still in diaper's, yuck!!! but I didn't have to change any bums so I was very happy about that! the two Minny's did really well and hardly fought over the toy's!!! I had them paint little bird houses and they turned out so cute!

So the date came to an end all were happy, even mom and Oliva and Garce both miss there men!!!

So how young is to young, to fall in LOVE????/

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So what is it about band-aides that make the little ones feel better???? I even stopped buying the cute ones with the princess on them and all pink, to the no fussing around get the job done brands in hope that the band-aide thing would slow down, but alas it has not. It doesn't matter the brand as long as it is on. I mean it doesn't even last a minute before the youngest one takes of the band-aide and then want me to put it back on her. A little hard to put the band-aide back on when she bends it in half, so that means another band-aide until she is satisfied with the result.
The other child will put the band-aide on and wont take it off for ever. Some times we had to bribe her to remove the band-aide, or do it in the tub when she was not looking. so funny how too children can be so different.

So this morning while Grace and me are the only ones up in the house because it's 4:30 well and the dog, Grace leans in to give Rambo a huge and a kiss, well I think he was a little tired too because he snipped at her and made her cry, and immediately she cry's band-aide!!!! No blood no scratch only one sad little girl that her buddy snipped at her. So mom and baby go to the kitchen in search of the last two band-aide's I have in this house (boy I hope nothing big happens that someone might actually need a band-aide) So we put band-aide on, and yes it is no where to be found I guess it's all better now, well until the next time


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Potty Training

I am in potty training HELL. Yes I have begun the task of potty training my 2 1/2 yr old. She is a very strong willed child and does what she wants on her own time.

This is not the first attempt at the toilet, we have visited this moment 2 times already and I gave up after a few day's of her not even wanting to sit on the toilet. The signs are definitely in place and I know she is ready!! So why will she not go number 2 in the toilet?????? it has been almost 3 weeks and no number 2.(in the toilet) I am so over this but I don't want to give up I know she can do it I just need to find the trick that will finally let her know that it's cool to go number 2!!

Alas I have gone back to the pull ups and no undies. I know your not supposed to do that but I can't handle the mess any more. She still goes to the toilet and does well.

See I am in hell and I want it to be over so badly, Olivia was done with her training in two day's, so this 3 week thing I am way over!

So wish me luck and dryer cleaner day's!!


Friday, January 8, 2010


Ok so here is the deal, Sometimes I don't know what to say. For a girl who loves to talk I know it's hard to understand that I Emma have nothing to say. Ok I have lots of things to say I just don't know how to write it down so that you think it is interesting. For one thing you all know I can't spell and I tend to have run on sentences. I'll try to get better, but writing has never been my thing, I do things with my hands but it usually is not holding a pencil, or typing on the computer.

I always have a story about my family, the girls, husband and the damn dog keeping me busy, but I don't think you want to read it all the time so I don't write.

Also I do most of my blog stocking in the morning on the couch will my girl watch cartoons, on my husbands computer, so I can't post pictures. So when I have a story have to go to the basement to do that and my basement is cold so I don't like to go!!

My mom was here for the holiday and we were so busy and I have lots to say just not sure how to say it.

So I will try to be better and post OK!!