Friday, June 4, 2010

Lost and found

Well life around here is getting easier since the lose of our little buddy, he was truly and amazing dog and will be missed for a long time. Question, why is it when you experience a lose the first thing people will say is you should get another dog????? I don't get it, For me their is no other dog Rambo was the man, I will have to wait until his charm is no longer in my head so that I won't compare him to a new dog, the girls haven't asked for a new dog. I think Olivia looks at it like a betrayal of Rambo if she got a dog. So for now we are a dog free house.

So how many of you mothers out there have lost you children, panic scramble only to have them back with big smiles on there faces and wonder what all the fuss is about???? Well yes it happened to me on Wed. Me and the family went to Sam's club to get some stuff, Dad came with. Dad always lets the girls run around and explore. I DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN ON MY WATCH!!!! but dad likes it. So the next thing I know is Gracelyn the 3 year old gone Brian and Olivia can't find her, Emma help!!!! OK OK OK ( I THINK I JUST TOLD HIM THIS WOULD HAPPEN) He and Olivia head to the back of the store calling GRACE GRACE, I went to the front because who knows maybe some weirdo decided my little sweetie would be fun to take home. Brain and Olivia came to the front and no Grace, so I grabbed Management and told them that we lost our 3 year old, he immediately got on his wokie talkie and says, Code Adam I repeat code Adam, Lock down the store I repeat we have a code Adam lock down the store!!!!! AHHHHHHHH
About 2 min later here comes Grace skipping up from the back of the store right to the place were her and Olivia were last playing. Thank goodness this worked out the way it should have and I think Dad learned his lesson too!!!! Thank you sam's club for the lock down to make sure my sweetie would stay safe!!!!!
Later when we came home and could giggle about what had just happened, and Gracelyn just gets done with one of her melt downs, we giggle and say if someone took her home they would give her back, as fast as they could!!!!!!

Happy weekend, I have couples league tonight if I can find a babysitter, wish me a low score and good weather!