Friday, June 4, 2010

Lost and found

Well life around here is getting easier since the lose of our little buddy, he was truly and amazing dog and will be missed for a long time. Question, why is it when you experience a lose the first thing people will say is you should get another dog????? I don't get it, For me their is no other dog Rambo was the man, I will have to wait until his charm is no longer in my head so that I won't compare him to a new dog, the girls haven't asked for a new dog. I think Olivia looks at it like a betrayal of Rambo if she got a dog. So for now we are a dog free house.

So how many of you mothers out there have lost you children, panic scramble only to have them back with big smiles on there faces and wonder what all the fuss is about???? Well yes it happened to me on Wed. Me and the family went to Sam's club to get some stuff, Dad came with. Dad always lets the girls run around and explore. I DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN ON MY WATCH!!!! but dad likes it. So the next thing I know is Gracelyn the 3 year old gone Brian and Olivia can't find her, Emma help!!!! OK OK OK ( I THINK I JUST TOLD HIM THIS WOULD HAPPEN) He and Olivia head to the back of the store calling GRACE GRACE, I went to the front because who knows maybe some weirdo decided my little sweetie would be fun to take home. Brain and Olivia came to the front and no Grace, so I grabbed Management and told them that we lost our 3 year old, he immediately got on his wokie talkie and says, Code Adam I repeat code Adam, Lock down the store I repeat we have a code Adam lock down the store!!!!! AHHHHHHHH
About 2 min later here comes Grace skipping up from the back of the store right to the place were her and Olivia were last playing. Thank goodness this worked out the way it should have and I think Dad learned his lesson too!!!! Thank you sam's club for the lock down to make sure my sweetie would stay safe!!!!!
Later when we came home and could giggle about what had just happened, and Gracelyn just gets done with one of her melt downs, we giggle and say if someone took her home they would give her back, as fast as they could!!!!!!

Happy weekend, I have couples league tonight if I can find a babysitter, wish me a low score and good weather!



claudie said...

Holy Cow Emma, wait till your mom hears this one. I have been there a few times. Scared the Bjesus out of me. I still worry about them now that they are adults, but it's a little diff. now.
Ok low score good weather for you all the way.
Love you Emma.
Love Claudie

claudie said...

Oh and about the dog thing... Tell them to eat crap. Would you have another baby right away if something happened? NO. Most people think animals are dispensable. I try and teach that to these country folks. It's a hard one. Enjoy your memories and your freedom.

Valerie said...

You'll know when and if your family is ready for another dog...tell all the busy bodies to buzz off! :) Or just grit your teeth and smile...

And...we lost our 4 year old (now 15) at Universal Studios in California...and had the entire park on lock down! He wandered off to look at something, and no one had noticed until we got to the next ride...:) It took us nearly 1/2 an hour to find him...they were shutting down rides and everything! Yeah, fun times!!!! NOT

M-Cat said...

Losing a dog or other pet is losing a member of the family. Give yourselves time, and you'll know when it's right to get another one.

I lost my middle child once in Walmart. I think I was more traumatized than he ever was.

wendy said...

Well of course I wish for you to find a babysitter, low score and good weather.!!!!!!!!!

that was funny. Sooooooooo Gracelyn.

and it is hard to replace a pet. You NEVER replace them, just ...when the time is right....fill your home and hearts with a new guest.

Ann Marie said...

~ Even with me not being a Dog person.. I have felt so BAD for you.. and you have been in my thoughts lots this past week. Pets are like family.. and we have to heal. I feel for you.

I even came by with some friends while we were shopping in Gardner Village.. to stop and give you a hug.. and they told me you quit! Oops! My bad... but if your doing hair... I may have to have make some appointments this summer. :)

I would be TERRIFIED if that happened to me.. that code Adam stuff is AMAZING.. and I think stores that do this are awesome.

Grateful she is home safe. :)

Sharon said...

Emma I have definetely been there, but try being at the Stadium of Fire on the 4th of July. And none of the management would come up us!!!! Then here comes Coltin saying why are we not in our seats (thats where he went while we were getting refreshments) Talk about heart attack. I even complained to the stadium about what rejects they have working for them!!! And I can also agree with the they would return him faster than anyone could take him!!! It makes you love them for a whole 2 seconds!!! Then you think why didn't someone take him!! Just kidding we do have to love them!!!