Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This is the story of the pimple. Some get them alot and some get them a little. My 5 year old gets them a little, I don't know why. Does this mean she will be more likely to get them when she is older???? I hope not.

Olivia is so funny, every time she gets a little pimple she call's them her best friend and I am not aloud to touch. Best friend has my child lost her mind? I have herd them called lots of things, but best friends is not on of the terms I have ever used or one I have herd other people use!
This last week she had on on her for head. It was a pretty good size. She would not let me touch it. She kept telling me to leave her best friend alone!!! ugh it's hard to leave them alone, when it has a great big white head on it!!! I would try and get tricky at bath time and scrub really hard with the wash cloth, trying to get rid of her best friend. She was to smart and would pull away so the pimple would stay. I guess I shouldn't bother, but it drives me crazy.

I wonder if she will still call them her best friends once she gets in High school???????

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hogle Zoo

I love the zoo, maybe I love it as much as my kids do? We wen last week to the zoo because they have three new baby's there and I wanted my girls to see them, and it was a great day to go.

I decided to go just by ourselves, no friends. My husband asked me why. I said I want to just do what we want when we want and not have to worry about someone Else's schedule. I'm sorry if that sounds rude, but it was great we took our time and Olivia was basically the tour guide for the day, she even held the map to show me where she wanted to go next!!! I am glad that I got them all to myself and I think I will do this more often.

Don't you think that sometimes when you have friends that you miss the quality time with your own children?



Ok so I forgot to put my youngest child in the last post. she was the little devil!!! It was a perfect costume for her.

Monday, November 9, 2009


So the Halloween holiday was a hit at our house, we had so much fun. The festivities started on Thursday night with some sugar cookies, yummy. Olivia is a very good helper Garacelyn probably would be to but we like to do things when she's asleep. Don't judge she's a hand full!

Then Friday was the parade at Olivia's school so much fun, she didn't want to wear her wig because a girl who was Ariel last year didn't wear a wig and she didn't want anyone to laugh. I told her that maybe that little girls mom wasn't cool enough to buy her a wig and how lucky are you that your mommy is, COOL!!!! She still said no, bummer but she still looked cute. Sad that she is already worried about what people think!

After school it was off to the house for some fun movie watching with dad. Saturday morning came very early for Miss Olivia 6:00 which is very early for her, she usually gets up at 8:00sh. I begged her to go back to sleep and snuggle with her dad, but no she was up and wanted her makeup on for the day. I said no way you have to wait for tonight sis ta!!!! So only about every hour I got asked if it was time for her cousins to come over and start trick o treating, NO OLIVIA IT IS NOT TIME!!!!!

Finally the time had arrived and her cousin have come and the costumes where put on, oh the girls looked so dang cute, They loved every minute of the night and so did their mom.