Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy day

Well it is official, I have been married Ten years!!!!! I love my man, he asked me the other day if I knew how it would all go if I would do it again, I said YES!!! I knew when I meet Brian that I would marry him. So here are ten reasons why.

  1. caring
  2. sensitive
  3. smart
  4. sexy
  5. determined
  6. funny
  7. trustworthy
  8. A great Dad
  9. helpful
  10. Then man of my dreams!!!!
I know the next years of our lives will be great, I say bring it!!!



claudie said...

Emma the 10th Anniversary present "traditional" style is TIN. I'm thinking a can or two of beer should do it. Great present huh? You can thank me later.
Hope you have a special night planed : )
Love Ya
Love Claudie

Cherie said...

Happy Happy Anniversary!
You are a beautiful couple and a beautiful family!!
Hope you have a great time celebrating :-D

Valerie said...

Happy Anniversary! You have an adorable family. :)

Travis & Leslie Doman said...

Happy Anniversary!!! can't believe it's been 10 years I remember when I first met Trav and we watched your wedding video!!! I also remember the first time going to your old house and how nervous I was... You guys had it all then and you still do! love ya

wendy said...

Those are 10 good reasons Em.
Never let them die.
and as a mom.....all I want is my children to be happy and at peace with their life, their spouse, and family.
It sounds so simple
but it is true, never take each other for granted. YOUR NEXT day is never guaranteed to anyone
so make THIS DAY as good as you can with each other.

I wish I could be there and do some babysitting for you so you could go would be a treat for you and a TREAT for me to be with those little girls

crap, I am homesick

BARRY said...

Hey Emma!
CONGRATS on your TENTH.I so happy for you two and your sweet girls.Last summer o truly enjoyed every second with you and the girls.I guess we just need more water on hand to keep the spa level up next time.

H.K. said...

Awwww...what a sweet post about your husband. Happy 10 year anniversary!

Barbaloot said...

Happy anniversary! Sounds like you found a good one:)

Melinda said...

My 10 year is next year, and I would do it again too! Love your list, congratulations and happy anniversary!

Becky Wallace said...

I remember your wedding perfectly! Your dress was gorgeous, the flowers were gorgeous, we danced and had a blast and one of your guests grabbed my butt. Hysterical. Happy Anniversary! May you have many, many more happy years!