Monday, August 31, 2009


We put up Gracie's bed and I have to say I think it looks cute.
I do need to give a shout out to my-in-laws for helping, thanks guys!!!

The bed was a garage sale find, a darn good one I might add. Pam(aka mother in-law) called me one morning and said does Gracelyn need a bed? I said well some day but right now she is still in her crib and that's right where I would like to keep her. ( we all know that didn't last as long as I would have liked). So Pam got the bed for me anyways saying it was so cute and she would store it for me until we needed it. Well who would say no to that?

One month later it's time for the bed and I am so glad that we had one ready to go! so here are some pictures of the room and bed.. Saving my money and trying to decide on colors for bedding.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Friday night

We had a great friday night. We went to my in-laws to swim and have a BBQ. Olivia swims like a fish and is all over the pool, Grace is very happy in her floaty following Olivia were every she goes.
So we got to sit and watch the girls play, we didn't even get in and swim the girls just played and played! I love to watch them play and have fun. After we ate dinner we thought we would start a fire in the little fire pot my in-laws have in the back yard, my mother-in law has been wanting to use it for a long time and we never seem to get around to it, but tonight was the night. The weather was so nice, no wind and not to hot. We got the fire going and started to roast marsh mellows, and we all ate more then we should, but it was a great time. Olivia has decided that she likes her mellows brown not black...
Nothing like a great night with my family!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

escape artist.

I have to start with my baby is no longer a baby, she is now 2. She is a very strong willed, and has decided that the crib life is no life for her!!
It all started 3 days ago at around 2:30 am when I herd a thump and then pitter patter and I knew that one of my fears has just happened, she has climbed out of the crib and is on the loose! So I wiped the fog from my eyes and stepped into action. Gracelyn we don't get out of our bed it is still night time, "ok mommy" with a great big smile! I was lucky that night a song and of to bed she went.
Night 2 no problems, so I thought to my self that maybe it was a flook and she was done with that nonsense. I was so wrong night 3 not so good 5:00am it began and I could never get her to stay in bed, yuck!! Tired mommy and tired baby don't make for a good day.
Night 4 began as any night brush teeth and 1 story and song and in the crib you go. Only 2 minutes later she appears, and so it begins and ends with me sittin in her room on the rocking chair so when she trys to get out I am there to stop her, ( of coursre she did'nt like that at all)
I have to say I tried this with Olivia and it took me hour and a half, but Gracelyn was done in only a half hour!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya.
I wasn't sur what the night had in store for me, so I gave my husband a kiss and headed of for bed so I was ready to step into action if need be. My dutys as mother and leader of the house was called into action at 1:30 and I was ready for the challenge, but I was lucky a song on of to bed she went! So I lay in bed just waiting for her to get out but not until 7:30 did I see my sweet 2 year old with a great big smile on her face.. Good morning to all hope you all slept well. Wish me luck for the nights ahead for I fear that the battle has not been wone!