Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good bye.

Wow life can be so hard and full of trials..... we have definitely been put through the ringer at the Lemke house. It started on Saturday with Brian going down stairs to the office to find that the carpet was soaking wet, then he looked in the window well that was half full of water!!!! Called the in laws who have a pump to get the water out and began the clean up, no fun!!! WE finally got that handled just for Brian to go down again yesterday to find it had happened again... EMMA call my dad we need the pump AGAIN, while Brian and his dad were getting the water out and me and Gracelyn were in the basement wiping up all the water, my father in-law yell Brian your dog was just hit by a car>>>>>> WE all ran, when Grace and I got up the stairs Brian and his dad were getting Rambo off the road and in the car to take him to get help.... Olivia was inside and didn't know what had just happened so I grabbed the phone and called my Mother-in-law because I wasn't sure what would happen. Brian and his dad came back about 5 min later.... Rambo didn't make it, he was already gone....NO NO NO so sad my poor girls why do they have to go through this and why do they have to loose their brother?????

So we brought him in and lay ed him on his blanket and loved on him and gave him lots of kisses and then we all said good bye to our little Buddie. We only had him for 2 years and he was such a joy to our family, kind and loved to cuddle. Gracelyn played with him every day, Olivia always called him her brother..

WE love you Rambo and hope you are happy in doggie heaven.

Friday, May 21, 2010


So a little while ago I went back to work very part time, you know so I could get out among the adult world and not talk about potty training issues!!!! I have to say that I loved it and was having a lot of fun......BUT as of Sat. I no longer have a job, I quit! I want to spend time with my girls and my honey so that we can play and swim and do what ever we want without mom having to go to work and miss out on the fun. Sounds good to me, I just hope that I don't miss my adult time.

Also today is the first day of the couples league at out local golf coarse and me and my man are going to play, I can't wait I love golf and hope to play more!! Just wondering if it matters that I haven't even swung a golf club yet this year????? Oh well I think it will be fun, I just hope the weather holds and the rain waits until Saturday to come, or just not to come at all, that would be fine with me!!!!

Saturday will be a busy day for me, Olivia has her dance pictures and that means for 3 hr of craziness. WE have 3 costumes 3 hair changes and about a billion girls all trying to get beautiful for the 2 min of smile and say cheese..... should be fun, Olivia loves her costumes and I hope that the day runs smoothly!!! after that it's of to work for my last shift!!! I think I will be tired after all that fun!

happy weekend to you all and talk to ya later!!!


Saturday, May 15, 2010


Sun sun glorious sun!!! Yup it's come to town and now all my free time will be spent outside in the yard pulling weed's, chasing the Dog and making sure the little one doesn't forget to look both way's before she crosses the street!!!

I love yard work, it is so fun to get everything looking nice so that when your done you can say, dang my yard looks good!!! I started the clean out from the winter yesterday and now I am ready to go to the garden store to get all my pretty flowers. I have to say that this is my favorite part of all, the design the color sceem and how it will balance in the yard and in my flower pot's. I will be trying some new things this year.... hope I like the change, if I get really motivated I'll post some pic's, but we all know that I tend to be a little lazy about this, so we will see!!!

Hope you all have the sun shining in your life and can get outside and get down and dirty!!!!